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Comprehensive Rodent Control

Mouse - Rodent Control

Unwanted rats, mice, and birds in your home or business can cause stress and even illness. Aggressive Pest Control in Kent, Washington, offers comprehensive rodent control throughout Seattle and surrounding areas.

Rats & Mice

When you see signs of mice and rats in your area, call an experienced professional to deal with the problem. Rodents are difficult to remove, as they can get through the smallest areas. They gnaw through electrical wires and plumbing, all the while carrying infectious diseases. They can enter your house in a variety of ways:

• Through open Doors
• Under Garage Doors

• Via Attics
• Through Foundation Vents
• Around Cables Entering the Building

Minimize Risk

We deal with rats and mice quickly, offering extermination that's safe for your family, including pets. We also provide expert tips to prevent rodents from returning. The risk of encountering hantavirus is remote, but this disease can be deadly. The following tips help minimize risk when dealing with rodent infested areas:

• Wear a respirator with a High Efficiency Purifying Air (HEPA) filter, unvented protective goggles, and impermeable latex or rubber gloves.
• Soak mouse droppings and dusty areas with an EPA-registered disinfectant, and then wipe up with paper towels.
• Place soiled towels in a sealed plastic bag and dispose in an outdoor trash receptacle.
• Clean protective equipment with the EPA-registered disinfectant, again with soap and water, and allow air-drying prior to additional use.


Birds are beautiful to watch in your yard, but can damage your property if they get inside. We offer professional bird control to keep your home safe.

Contact us to rid your property of rats and mice.